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Disclaimer: this blog post includes just highlights of our first week and a preview of what’s to come during the remainder of our time in Puebla. If I wrote about everything we’ve experience you’d be reading at least a five chapter novel. Also, it’s going to seem as though everything is “peachy-peachy,” and that’s because everything is… and partly (or mostly) because I’m biased toward Mexico. Finally, the use of “we” refers to Carly, Laila (my partners Pueb Babes in crime, though we aren’t doing anything illegal of course), and myself. Yes, we are the “Pueb Babes.”

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What This Has All Meant for Me

My time at Elkhardt Middle School has already had a tremendous impact on me. When we first were introduced to our service site options last spring I was pretty certain that I wanted to spend my time this semester at Elkhardt, then after hearing the spiels from our community partners during orientation, I was sure where I wanted to serve. Experiences such as seeing faces light up when I walk in, or being hand paper hearts have made me realize that my students have started expecting me on Friday’s has revealed to me the significance of my presence and so has the gratitude the teachers always express, which really makes me feel good.

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If I Just Make an Ounce of Difference, it Would Have all Been Worthwhile

I think my presence positively impacts the people with whom I work with, especially the children. Being an extra support for them (and their teachers) when there is a class of 20 plus students who speak limited English, and one teacher, I hope makes a least a little difference. Like I’ve said in the past couple of posts, it is becoming more and more obvious that the students are starting to expect me, and I really love ending my weeks with service at Eklhardt.

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Reception of me

In general, both the students and the teachers whom I work with react very positively toward me. As I mentioned last week, the students are starting to expect me. Each week, I can tell that they are becoming more comfortable with me. They’ve begun asking me more questions and joking around with me. Seeing that the students expect me makes me feel really good and appreciated. I don’t know what or how much they have to look forward at school, but I am honored to be one of those things each Friday. Continue reading